About Me

I'm a professional event and wedding photographer with several years of experience. Get in touch now and let's create beautiful memories for you to share!

Who I am

My professional experience began in Paris, where I worked six years for France 24, an international news network. In 2016, I decided to embark on a new adventure by moving to Melbourne to truly experience four seasons in one day. I have since been working full time as a professional photographer and producing my own short films.

What do I love about my job?

It's always different. Every day I meet new people, discover new places and face new challenges. It's incredibly exciting! It also brings me joy being that person who can provide memorable moments in a format that people can enjoy and cherish for many years to come.

What types of shoots have I done and how did I make them special?

I've done almost everything at least once. In my opinion, what makes a photo shoot special is the rapport you build with the people you're taking photos of. I'm a very social and curious person, I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and knowing about their life, dreams and aspirations. For that reason, I tend to be good at making anyone comfortable - and that's where the magic happens.

A fun fact

I’m a keen cyclist. I traveled the American East coast, from Miami to Montréal, on a bicycle over a period of 3 months. That's more than 4,000km. I have also cycled the Canary Islands and parts of New Zealand. And I'm planning on doing more cycling expeditions in the future!

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