François R. Whyte – Professional Photographer

Fancy seeing you here!


I'm a professional event and portrait photographer, based in Melbourne, Australia.


About Me

My professional experience began in Paris, where I worked six years for France 24, an international news network. In 2015, I decided to embark on a new adventure, travelling across New Zealand for three months before moving to Melbourne to truly experience four seasons in one day. I have since been working full time as a professional photographer and producing my own short films.

My Style

When it comes to photography, I love nothing more but capturing candid moments. Nothing beats a genuine smile, a great laugh, tears in a newlywed's eyes and so many other emotions. I usually like to let people be but I'm not afraid to jump in and offer directions when necessary.

Let's chat!

Send me the details of your request and let's talk about it! To keep things fresh and be sure I can always give you my best, I only accept a limited number of bookings every week, so don't wait!